AP Marine Environmental Consultancy Ltd specialises in providing scientific expertise and services supporting ecological monitoring and  assessment studies in fisheries, aquaculture and the marine environment. The firm is based in Cyprus but cooperates with a range of scientific experts from around the world. Our associate partners include Governmental Bodies, Research Institutes, Universities, NGO's, Private Companies and Private Researches.

  • Services

    AP Marine carries out research and provides consultancy services in a wide range of marine disciplines including aquaculture, fisheries, coastal mapping and coastal zone management...

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  • Scientific Team

    AP Marine was formed in 2003 and was the first company that provided marine consultancy services in Cyprus.  AP Marine's consultants are a well established team of marine scientists...

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Completion of Acoustic and Visual surveys for cetaceans in the marine waters of the Republic of Cyprus

Tender no.33/2015, was awarded by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment to AP Marine Consortium (AP Marine Environmental Consultancy Ltd

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Baseline survey and monitoring of non-indigenous species in Cavo Greco and Nissia marine protected areas in Cyprus. Tender no: 26/2016

In recent years, the phenomenon of alien-exotic species has shown a dramatic increase, which poses a significant threat to the local marine diversity of flora and fauna. 

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