Vasilis Andreou

Marine Biologist / Ecologist

Vasilis Andreou works in AP Marine Environmental Consultancy Ltd as a Marine Biologist / Ecologist with experience in the design and implementation of marine studies. Vasilis has acquired his experience the last five years through his professional career in both private and public sector. During this period, he has been involved in local and EU Projects, concerning Ecological Impact Assessment, Marine Habitat Monitoring, MPA’s, Artificial Reefs, Deep Water Corals biology, Offshore Deep-Water Sampling Procedures, Invasive Species, Mediterranean Macrofauna, Mediterranean Fish fauna. He also holds a research associate position at the NGO Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center, where he focuses on the role of biodiversity in the functioning of ecosystem.


-University of Cyprus: PhD candidate in Ecology and Biodiversity

-University of Plymouth: Bsc (Hons) Marine Biology

Professional and Academic Interests:

-Marine Ecology

-Marine Biodiversity

-Marine Protected Areas (MPA)

-Ecosystem Functioning

-Artificial Reefs (AR)

-Fouling communities

Please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]