Katerina Achilleos

Scientific Associate/Marine Ecologist
Katerina has been participating in various AP Marine research programs, first as an intern (2011) and subsequently as a scientific associate (2012-until present). In addition, she has been a member of the scientific team of AP Marine during her employment (2015-2016) as a Marine Ecologist. Her research and field experience focuses on benthic ecology and taxonomy, as well as on associate encrusting communities of artificial and natural coralligenous habitats. During her employment in AP Marine she has been involved in projects related to Aquaculture and Fisheries monitoring, artificial reefs assessment and monitoring and Experimental fishing survey.

- B.Sc. in Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
- M.Sc. in Ecology and Biodiversity, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Professional and Academic Interests
- Taxonomy and Systematics of Cenozoic and Recent marine Bryozoa
- Benthic ecology (Artificial/Coralligenous habitats)
- Palaeoecology
- Biospeleology

Please feel free to contact me at: kachilleos@apmarine.com.cy