Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Man-made structures and activities in the marine environment are subject to Environmental legislation and must undergo an evaluation process after the submission of the relevant EIA study subject to EU and Cypriot law. Most anthropogenic activities in the marine environment affect the ecology and diversity of an area therefore ecological assessment and habitat mapping are important when considering intervention in the marine environment.

AP Marine has over the years acquired the expertise in carrying out EIAs either independently or in collaboration with other consultants. AP Marine has carried out to date more than 15 EIAs relating to human impacts in the coastal marine environment in Cyprus and has participated in many more.
In all cases all available data is collected from various sources and is combined with data collected from field surveys and sampling. Samples are collected to assess the current impact of the activity or in cases where activity has not started the current state of the aquatic environment prior to the onset of impact. Following analysis, the results are used to compile a comprehensive and detailed EIA study which is in due course presented to all relevant bodies.


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