Students Internships and Work Placement

Over the last 8 years AP Marine has collaborated with various Universities in the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain and France for the placement of student at the company for a short period of time (up to six months in some cases). Student placements usually take place in summer were the activities of the company give the opportunity for field-sampling which may range from shore work to onboard trawl surveys to underwater diving activities. Of course placements can also take place in winter but with more laboratory work. Students may participate in most activities or focus on their individual work. 

A project may be related to the identification and analysis of macrofauna, macrophytes and algae, reading otoliths for estimating fish age or even mapping important ecosystems using remote sensing techniques and Geographical Information Systems. In addition, under the correct circumstances, students can take part in underwater surveys if they already have the necessary training, diving qualifications and experience.

Feedback from students

My internship at AP Marine has been a fascinating experience which allowed me to gain hands-on training in the fields of marine biology and ecology.Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, I was faced with challenging and engaging tasks, such as monitoring water quality and studying fish physiology. One of the highlights was my involvement in the annual MEDITS program, where I assisted in the determination of the age of several thousand fish from the Mediterranean Sea. I also had the opportunity to learn a great deal about new discoveries being made on the cold-water corals of Cyprus. I cannot thank Mr Petrou and the whole team at AP Marine enough for these unique opportunities which I certainly wouldn't have been able to experience anywhere else.

Stephan Charalambous

AP Marine Environmental Consultancy Ltd offers a wide variety of placement/traineeship opportunities for students. Highly recommended place for those who want to carry out their dissertation/research in Cyprus. The staff is always warm and welcome, ready to help you.

Marios Papageorgiou

Lovely place to work, all staff are very hard working and excellent at what they do. Very lucky to have completed my placement with you AP Marine!

Beth Victoria


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